Avigilon vs Hikvision:

The correct Manufacturer Solution for you

Today’s modern IP CCTV solutions are light years ahead of where they were 15 years ago, today’s market is awash in a multitude of new, break out brands, products and solutions.  Without a doubt two of the most interesting and successful, up and comers in the IP CCTV arena are Avigilon Corporation and Hikvision.

While not typically categorized as direct competitors, the popularity of both brands means that they are often quoted and specified in various proposals and are therefore interesting IP CCTV candidates for comparison.

Market positioning

Both brands position themselves and their products looking forward towards the future of CCTV technology, which is full IP enabled solutions. Avigilon’s keeps a tightly regulated list of accredited installers and its core sales proposition to its installer network is the concept that while its cameras are more expensive, installers will require less of them due to the high quality of the image produced by the cameras.

Hikvisions camera prices are significantly cheaper than those of Avigilons per unit in the South African market and have proven in most cases to hold an image close to the quality of the Avigilon units. Therefore the debate which is now playing out in the market place is, when to use which product?

Product Range Comparison

Avigilon focuses primarily on high quality IP Cameras and NVR (Network Video Recorder) solutions. Their products range encompasses all varieties of IP Camera including the following configurations in 1 to 5 MP Options:

  • Avigilon HD Camera’s
  • Avigilon HD Bullet Camera’s
  • Avigilon HD Mini Domes
  • Avigilon HD Domes
  • Avigilon HD PTZ Camera’s

Along with the abovementioned products are the pre-loaded server based NVR recorders offering Avigilons custom designed proprietary NVR software, allowing for sophisticated video analytics and the promise of integration with a number of access control solutions. Avigilon holds 260 U.S. and International patents with many more pending.


Hikvision has been the standout growth story of the past 2 years, According to their website Hikvision is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of IP CCTV solutions, this includes the largest R & D team in the IP CCTV industry.

Similar to Avigilon, Hikvision supplies the below IP CCTV camera solutions and configurations.

  • Hikvision  HD Camera’s
  • Hikvision HD Bullet Camera’s
  • Hikvision HD Mini Domes
  • Hikvision HD Domes
  • Hikvision HD PTZ Camera’s

Hikvision has also recently expanded into the Access Control and Commercial alarm arenas with a new range aimed at the growing demand for complete integration of security components of a business. Recently listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange Hilvision has seen revenues soar over the past 8 quarters.

The Case of closed systems versus open ones

The final differentiating feature between Avigilon and Hikvision is their individual approached to handling of third party camera’s and licenses to run those cameras.

Avigilon runs a closed solution which encourages use of an Avigilon only solution, third part cameras may be added at the cost of additional licenses.

Hikvision allows for additional competitor camera’s to be added to their solution at no additional charge.


Without a doubt both companies ranges offer exceptional products, and this high quality has been the backbone of their remarkable recent success, ultimately the final decision lies with the customer in terms of budget and specific site requirements.

Ultimately the largest differentiating factor is the installer of the solution, many multimillion rand solutions have been unsuccessful due to the procuring company not carefully vetting the supplier tendering for the CCTV work. A well-established installer/integrator will advise you correctly on how you can achieve the best results at the optimum price.

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